Textured Carpet Flooring – Peerless Bling Bling D4588

Warm Soft & Cozy! No other flooring surface surpasses the warmth and under foot comfort of carpet!

  • 75 ( oz ) Weight – Style D4588
  • There is a place for carpet in every home
  • Carpet is a fabulous flexible way to style a home
  • Carpet is relatively inexpensive (per sq. ft) and can be tailored to meet any budget
  • Carpet offers a wide assortment of textures, styles and colours
  • Carpet has a non-slip surface which prevents slips and cushion’s falls
  • Carpet is a natural insulator reducing energy use and utility costs for home owners
  • Carpet is easy on the air we breathe


  • 15 Years | Manufacturing Defects
  • 20 Years | Wear
  • 10 Years | Texture Retention
  • 15 Years | Stain Resistance
  • 15 Years | Soil Resistance